Sr. Network Engineer at AMS-IX

About Stavros Konstantaras

Stavros Konstantaras is an enthusiastic all-around network engineer, holding a MSc degree from University of Amsterdam in the field of System & Network Engineering. His prior working experience at NLnet Labs and University of Amsterdam, supplied him with a variation of valuable skills and knowledge like scripting, system virtualisation and network programming.

He is working with AMS-IX as a network engineer for the past 5 years under the NOC team, which is responsible for the deployment and management of all AMS-IX instances around the globe.

His interests reside in the fields of network automation, Routing, Security and protocol implementation

Stavros is an active member of the open communities of RIPE, EURO-IX, NLNOG & GRNOG and a thesis supervisor of various MSc/BSc projects at UvA.


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3 May 2024

Fighting DDoS attacks @ AMS-IX