Fiber Telecom is a customer focused network solutions provider that allows global Internet and Cloud Service Providers to extend their network footprint in Italy.

FT is a well-recognized and reliable wholesale operator that provides access, transport, transit and colocation services using its network available in the main data centers in Italy and Europe.

Fiber Telecom AS41327 operates a low-latency, geographically redundant IP network that spans 30+ European PoPs designed for providing services that stand-out for performance, scalability and resilience.

FT has an agile approach to the network design, the tech team combines the optical infrastructures provided from diverse carriers to build enhanced value-added network solutions. This one-stop-shop business model allows Customers to potentially bring all the services provided by Italian carriers from a single point of contact.

Fiber Telecom has a highly trained and motivated talent pool of people working with passion, perseverance and strong daily commitment to deliver the best quality of service and after sales support to the Customers.

A source of inspiration in the design of the services is the belief that “when everything is connected… anything is possible”.

Find out more about Fiber Telecom visiting the website and following its LinkedIn profile.